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And so it begins...

Hello! My name is Penny - and I have recently set up a small business - a clothing brand for Mums called House of Hurrah.

The idea for House of Hurrah came about when my nephew was born 15 months ago.

My sister Anna breastfed her baby - and in the early days as a new Mother struggled to find fun and wearable clothing that allowed her to feed her baby comfortably. So, I decided that I would design her an alternative to the (slightly frumpy) options available on the high street.

I designed causal breastfeeding and maternity friendly styles for our first (tiny) collection. A good cosy grey sweatshirt and a longline t-shirt are a staple for everyday wear - and they go with pretty much everything - hurrah! The double layer designs make access for feeding super easy - and I am told it is brilliant for new mums - who can relax whilst feeding without multiple layers and scarves (especially in the summer time).

My intention with the feeding friendly designs is exactly that - NOT to make feeding discreet - but to make it comfortable.

I design at home in the evenings and at weekends, and garments are manufactured by a small team of skilled sewers local to my home. I love the fact that House of Hurrah garments are designed and manufactured in the UK - and I can pop and see production in process anytime. It really is so exciting to see!

It has been a rollercoaster journey so far - and I am so very grateful to those who have followed, liked, shared and commented - I didn't realise how much that would mean after launching. I have learnt quickly that it is VERY easy to get bogged down by social media - I am guilty of watching follower numbers fluctuate - and of comparing my brand to others. I think/people keep telling me that this is only natural though - and I am completely new to the world of Instagram (I used to sporadically post from my personal account) and therefore still learning.

Overall, I am so proud of this little brand, and I am beyond excited for what the future holds. I am in the process of designing more prints and more styles for all mums (not just breastfeeding clothing). So - please watch this space - and welcome to House of Hurrah!

I plan to write a blog post every couple of weeks - and I will cover a variety of topics - including my business journey and the lessons I have learnt since launching my brand. Next time, however, my blog post title will be 'In conversation with my Mama'. My Mum

is an all round super woman AND she was a midwife...stay tuned!

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May 12, 2018

Love this brand and having fed in the t shirt it's great to have a layer over the one baby rests on to cover up any mess🙉🙈😍

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