• This gorgeous metallic tones necklace is teething friendly! Handmade by HexNex, it is BPA free and composed of food grade silicone - perfect for bubs sore gums. You can even pop it in the fridge for a while before wearing, offering some soothing cool for your little one. We think it goes perfectly with our leopard print breastfeeding sweatshirt!This teething necklace is free from:- BPA- Phthalates- Lead- Latex Cadmium- All Other Toxic Materials- Made using 100% Food Grade Silicone (perfect for little gums!)- Wipeable and Fridge SafeIf you are ordering just a teething necklace, bangle or teether, please select 'Teething Purchase Only' as your shipping option *Please read safety information prior to making a purchase*

    Teething Necklace (Metallics)

    • These silicone necklaces are designed to help aid teething troubles for little ones, but it is vital to note that they are not toys. They are designed as adult jewellery items and should only ever be enjoyed whilst firmly secured around an adults neck. The necklace should never be worn by a child and you should never give your child the necklace to play with or leave them alone with it as it poses a choking/strangulation risk. Your little ones safety is always the most important thing and the wearer must assume full responsibility for its use.


      The cord and clasp are not designed to be chewed on or put in a child’s mouth.


      Check the beads, cord and clasp regularly for any damage and stop use immediately should this occur. Clean the necklace before its first use and regularly after each wear using warm soapy water or disinfectant wipes.


      For more information head to the safety and FAQ pages at www.hexnex.co.uk”